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  Aggiesoft, Inc. has been providing small and medium sized business support since 1992.
  We provide programming in Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL server, and
also provide hardware solutions that are a best fit for the business, whether it is a
minimum to get started, or buisnesses that have out grown what they have. Client
satisfaction is our first priority, and will work to provide the best solution for your
business. No matter what you need, we can provide it. We have many partners, and
relationshiips that we have developed over the years.
  Aggiesoft is proud to be Lenovo, and Microsoft partners, but if you want to purchase
hardware or out of the box software yourself, we can incorporate that into your business.
Database conversions, and upgrades are a specialty, so you can grow or remove legacy solutions
that might be holding your business back.
  Photography is a hobby so visit the Adorama link at the bottom of the page
to help support that if you can!

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